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The ability of this bird to easily adapt to urban environments has meant that their numbers have persisted and in some areas increased to pest proportions.

Being related to the rock dove, pigeons are able to roost on very narrow ledges, beams and roof lines. In the urban environment building facades, roofs, bridges and jetties provide plenty of roosting options and human activity provides a variety of food sources.

pigeons do a great deal of damage to buildings due to the acidic nature of their droppings. Feathers, eggs and dead birds also foul the environment and buildings, sometimes blocking gutters which can lead to flooding in rain events.


In order to control pigeons the following need to be employed:

• The reduction of food sources;

• The reduction of nesting and roosting sites;

• The pigeon proofing of buildings;

• Trapping, where appropriate, to remove small established pigeon populations;

• Controlled culling for large flocks congregating at a food source


Feral Pigeon

Columba Livia


House Sparrows have lived around humans for centuries. Look for them on city streets, taking handouts in parks and zoos, or cheeping from a perch on your roof or trees in your yard. House Sparrows are absent from undisturbed forests and grasslands, but they’re common in countryside around farmsteads.

The House Sparrow takes frequent dust baths. It throws soil and dust over its body feathers, just as if it were bathing with water. In doing so, a sparrow may make a small depression in the ground, and sometimes defends this spot against other sparrows.


Sparrows invade loft spaces and block gullies when nesting and become a nuisance when they flock together in large numbers.



Pigeon spiking.

Pigeon netting

Pigeon Culling


Pigeon trapping

House Sparrow

Passer Domesticas


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We specialize in feral pigeon culling this traditional method has proven to be very effective when large numbers are flocking. 

Sparrow and starling